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Our Simple Elegant Wealth Management Team

Wealth Management Equals    Investment Consulting  Plus  Advanced Planning   Plus Relationship Management.

Our team is expanding with strategic alliances here locally and nationally.  J. J. Checki III is our Registered Office Assistant. He is a husband, father of three, and fully licensed.  He lives in Plano, along with his wife Christa, and lovely children: Sarah, Elizabeth, and Zachariah.  Suzi Checki helps us keep our office flowing and hosts our events.

J. J. Checki III, is adding to our team, broadening our perspective, and introducing us to the next generation.

John J. Checki Jr.


My Story, or My Situation Comedy of Life


Let’s make work optional? Does that sound good?

Control your life, time, and schedule?

How on earth did I become a simple elegant wealth manager with a sense of Joy and Humor? As a very little boy, my father wore suits and ties to work. Thanks to his boss, my mom’s uncle Willie’s murder, dad went from blue suits to a blue collars. His income dropped by 80% overnight and our lives were forever changed. Promised myself, I would help families have the plan and resources to meet and beat the bumps in the road of life. Pop was a motivator, “Johnny, I don’t care where you go to school, cause I’m not paying for it.” Must have been the right phrase for me, since I have two college degrees and a trio of certificates, more importantly, I went to work to prevent other families from having to tell their children, they could not educate them, nor could they build wealth or financial independence. The mission was on for me.  My parents worked hard, saved, but never did all that well with money. They talked about money (the lack of) and work. Work as in how hard it was, and how they wished it wasn’t that way. The Joy and Humor? Well, kissed my wife good bye on March 15th, 1999, never saw her again. She was killed in a car wreck, while she was driving South on I-35 to see children and grandchildren. We had an estate plan in place, again, the mission was and is on. The Humor? When you are widowed at 51 you can develop perspective on what is and what is not a bad day. Went to Standup Comedy Schools to learn how not to step on the laughs. Also, a passion? To help Widows and Widowers grow through the Suddenly Single Experience.

As a little boy, I had dimples lived in a two story, two family house, on the not so amazing part of town, yet had the good luck to meet Mr. Connelly, who was kind enough to live upstairs, and take walks with me after dinner and talk about college, investments, and life in general. He helped me develop my curiosity about the stock market. Corpus Christi Church helped me develop memory skills, and belief in God. Lincoln Grade School, Franklin Jr. High School, and Hasbrouck Heights High School honed my math and speech skills. Newark C0llege of Engineering introduced me to the power of flunking a course, and how to respond to scholastic probation. Decided not to be an engineer, since I could not draw or spell. Sun Chemical helped me learn about long range research and patents. Shoprite Supermarket introduced me to a stock broker, who helped me open up a brokerage account and I started investing while in high school. Won, lost, and learned about buying and selling stock, saving, taxes, reading and hearing other people stories. TCU taught me writing, speaking, and Economics. The University of Texas Arlington, helped me with my Accounting degree. Wow, what an adventure. Also bought an MGA, fun little car. Still like convertibles especially older luxury sports cars. The MGA is long gone.


Multi-year FIVE STAR Wealth Manager. Practice Focus Retirement Income Planning Succession Planning Estate Planning Tax Strategies Insurance Planning & Analysis Comprehensive Financial Planning Independent...

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My mission is to serve people by helping them have a better understanding of who they are, where they are, and get where they want to go.

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