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How To Have Fun and Still Have Money

 By John J .Checki Jr. CPA CFP® CRC®

It is my mission to help people define, pursue, and work toward achieving their dreams in life. Helping people make decisions that help themselves is my purpose and passion in life. I call this “how to have fun and still have money”.

Why another you can do it if you try financial book with a little happy feelings sprinkled in for life balance, good measure and fine times? Thanks for asking. More people are wondering what the heck happened to their time, energy, 401K, IRA, money, and peace of mind. So, I thought it was time to write down some thoughtful suggestions. Hope that makes sense.

What brings you Joy? This will change over time. Let’s see what the Bible says about Joy: “Consider it all Joy.” Put a little Joy in the Journey. We can surrender to the Joy in life. Love what we do and do what we love. Assume other people are doing the very same thing, and carry that around with every observation and comment.

How about an instant and almost free vacation? Take either three nice long delicious deep breaths or enjoy a bit of Laughter & Humor (Next to breathing the shortest route to taking a vacation is laughing.) Make room in every day for Laughter and Humor. It is like sunshine for our emotions.

Next to writing a check to your favorite charity, nothing brings satisfaction as quickly as a job well done, for most people. There are things we have to do, but in real life they are things we get to do so we may have the satisfaction of doing them and doing them well.

Financial Planning Process


Gather and Analyze the Personal, Financial Information, make Recommendations, Take Action, Review and Revise.

Financial Planning Building Blocks:

Investments: Cash Reserves: for emergencies and opportunities, Fixed Income Investments: Typically, bonds, certificates of deposit, fixed annuities, Equity/Real Estate/Business: Growth oriented over time. Risk Management: Adequate Protection (Insurance). Manage & Reduce Taxes: Federal, State, Property, Sales, and Estate. Plan for Retirement (Financial Independence). Estate Planning: Preserving Wealth and leaving a Legacy. *

First we must learn to spend less money than we make. We get ahead by saving/investing money and putting it in our accounts, for a rainy day, and for our future well being. Make saving/investing automatic and tax deductible if you can. Diversify, a little of this and that in an effort to stay in balance. Investments: Be sure to have some Cash Reserves, Fixed & Equity Investments and the proper level and type of Insurance, and properly executed Estate Planning Documents . *

(This is an excerpt of a longer manuscript. I hope these few pages give you some helpful hints.)
I hope this little book helps us do just that very thing. Let’s hear from y’all. *Estate Planning and Tax Services are offered in conjunction with a licensed and qualified tax and estate planning professional. Securities America and it’s representatives do not provide tax or legal advice. These services are provided in conjunction with your qualified tax and or legal professional.

 Social Security Planning

When is the best time for you to begin drawing Social Security? Planning ahead and analyzing the answer to that question is one of the things we do with and for our clients. It is exciting, helpful, and can make a big difference in your long term income now and in the future.